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Autumn Glory

I  am sorry that I have been so quiet for the past few weeks on my blog.  The days are never long enough and this autumn  has been so spectacular that I have been  too excited to sit at the computer! I have been making it a priority to get out into the sunny hedgerows and immerse myself in  all the inspirational subjects just waiting to be picked.

The other day  the light was just dazzling.   It picked out the edges of the teazels and danced on the cobwebs that  curled their way through the  seed-head tendrils. Further long silvery strands  of cobweb stretched between plants – tightropes for tiny spiders.


The sunshine  simply pierced through gaps in the berry laden hedges creating infinite patterns and designs. I have never known  the hedges to be so full of colourful rosehips, blackberries, haws and sloes as well as long beaded necklaces of  bryony berries. All   this intermingled with leaves in every shape and  hue.  Spectacular.  The colours seem especially intense this year  and I am soaking it all up to store inside my soul to feed off through the monochrome of winter.




I am planning  a series of  paint experiments  to try and capture some of the colourful semi abstract  patterns that I have seen in the hedges.I am also planning to do my blog more regularly  .. so please watch this space!


2013-12-28 10.53.40

detail from ‘Autumn berries’ by Ann Blockley



I love this time of year . It is harvest time and the colours of Autumn are gaining strength. Late summer sun is gilding the countryside and everywhere is  glimmering. The hedgerows are gleaming with berries and fruits.Strands of  bryony berries  light up the field edges with their traffic light colours. Clusters of purple blackberries tempt the eye. Trumpets of white bindweed shine out from the dark patterns of  foliage and woven branches.    Glimpses of chocolate brown cattle can be seen in gaps through the trees.Late afternoon sun has  decorated each of  them with a halo of gold. Some sheep  are also etched with a silvery  glow. There are hawthorn trees so laden with haws that it seems  the branches are rusted  and glittering.  Strands of cobwebs trace a lacy path between stalks of wild parsnip and teasels. The silky threads  catch the light. There is movement as tiny shimmering insects flit  in the shadows, illuminated by shafts of sunlight.Blackbirds  hop and hide in the cool hedge interior.   Near the pond the ducks are squabbling noisily. Young pheasants clatter awkwardly out of their secret hiding places. A heron glides serenely overhead and a  squadron of wild geese  announce their arrival. I can also see a buzzard  perched on a distant treetop branch surveying  the activity. What a day.  Last night the moon was a crescent of gold in a starlit sky,eerily immense.  This morning the fields were cloaked with layers of gauzy mist. It  is a magical month. I am back to painting with a passion.


2014-03-05 11.18.01



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