Pause for thought

I have been keeping my eyes open  in recent years and question whether the emphasis in many art books and workshops has swung too far towards technique and use of materials and away from the essential act of making meaningful and personal interpretations. Of course, we need practical information and expertise to help us to crystallize our ideas but  the danger is that the very kernel or initial spark triggering a painting could be diminished in favour of method, effect and (dare I say it?) commerce.

For a painting to have authenticity and integrity, surely it needs to be based or developed out of something we have personally experienced?  There are always exceptions and we could counter argue that the realm of our imagination is enough. However, I still feel that even that is usually triggered by some kind of knowledge,memory, immersion or happening.   It is so important to spend as much time looking and feeling as ‘doing’. Once we have established what we want to say in our visual commentary, we can then start to explore ‘how’ to distil this into pictures. Without this backbone of personal meaning, artwork is in danger of becoming an empty pastiche.  I hope that I don’t sound judgemental- this is simply my honest appraisal of  potential art ‘market’ pitfalls.

In my latest book ‘ Watercolour Workshop’ I  have emphasised these thoughts; the importance of  individual interpretation and  ways of seeing. Yes, it is important and fun to experiment and play with methods- this is the way we learn and I will always advocate that- but let’s not forget ‘why’ we are doing it.

‘The secret life of bees’ is featured in                       ‘Watercolour Workshop’ and based on my husband’s bee hives partly hidden in some brambles near our local allotment patch.

After two years of non -stop activity; painting and writing for books, magazines and exhibitions I want to slow down and work in a more mindful way. Therefore, in the last couple of months I have been out and about gathering reference material and ideas, soaking up visual imagery and thinking about what is important and worthwhile to me as person and artist.



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