Online Summer Exhibition

Lots of people have requested that I do another online exhibition  and so I have decided to do it now  whilst I still have a few  of the  original paintings left  that are in my ‘Watercolour Workshop ‘ book.  They are mainly smallish pictures but one or two large pieces too.   I shall send them  without mounts or frames to make  delivery  easier and they can be sent to most places around the world. For some reason there is a glitch with Sweden. I’m sorry about that but do please email me if you are from Sweden and we will  arrange something outside the usual system- it’s nothing personal I can assure you!

It’s too hot to paint this week with my watercolours drying as fast as they hit the paper and so I have really enjoyed  having a blitz in my studio, clearing stuff out . After two years of working on books  I feel that I am building up to start afresh quite soon. I know I am always saying that!   However,  I suppose it is in  the nature of an artist to always want to  look around at  creative possibilities and explore options. As I write this it reminds me of the poem that I ended my book with called ‘Finding Me’. It was a bit of a cheek really, including one of my first poems  in a published book but I thought back to when I did my first books on watercolour and really I was only just learning to paint myself! And so I decided that it was ok to include a first poem in this  recent book too.   You can find it in the  separate post- ‘Finding me’.


‘Dragonfly’ is featured in ‘Ann Blockley’s Watercolour Workshop’ and is now for sale in the online exhibition.  

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