John Blockley – Retrospective Exhibition September 2018

John Blockley RI PPS RWA NEAC  ( 1921-2002)


I have  been getting ready for the exhibition that I am curating at my studio  of my late father’s work. I  had always wanted to put together a retrospective book of his work and this came to fruition in July. An exhibition was the obvious  follow up.  A large quantity of work had been stored in a plan chest or in cupboards for  over sixteen years   and it seemed a crime  for them not to be  seen. Hopefully, some will end up on people’s walls-  but also it will be lovely  for fans to simply come and enjoy looking at this collection. There is a range of different images for sale  some of which are featured in the recent book but lots of other work  too and a wide range of sketches and drawings that have been arranged in  portfolios according to subject, place or other related matter.

Pembrokeshire cottages by John Blockley

This year has been busy to say the least.  ‘Watercolour Workshop’ was published in March this year and ‘John Blockley – A Retrospective’ in July .It was the publishers request to do them so close together and it has certainly kept me on my toes!  What I had not realised was that this year was also going to be the year I  made it into the RI ( Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolour). My father was elected when I was a child  and I can still remember my parent’s excitement when they found out- it was like he had been made king!

I attended my very first RI exhibition as an exhibitor in Tenby, Pembrokeshire in Wales this July. It was held in the  Naomi Tydeman RI gallery .  She asked me to send her  one of John’s book. In it  there is a painting that  he did  in the very early days when he was first learning to paint. I  did not know where it was so simply called it ‘fishing harbour’. Naomi immediately recognised it as being Tenby and I felt ridiculously pleased to discover this.  It had almost certainly been painted on a family holiday and somehow , with the RI connection , it felt like something had been completed.

I  deliberately planned a  series of events  this  year  which would eventually lead to a quieter , more contemplative time of creativity. I am so looking forward to  this John Blockley exhibition-   It will be an informal event and a one off opportunity to see this work in the flesh.  After that – it’s  ‘Me time’.


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