Autumn creativity



I have gone into mad mode. I call it that but really it’s a kind of creative whirlwind! This time of year always sends me into a frenzy of activity and my studio is chaotic. Vivid paintings, half- finished works,  experiments, scraps of colour, unresolved compositions, potential  mixed media scraps-  These pieces are piled on the floor of my studio – a colourful carpet of paper. They are like Autumn leaves and I can almost envisage them floating through the air, somersaulting and  whirling around my studio. I feel like tossing handfuls of them into the air and seeing the patterns that they make as they fall!

Many of my recent works are inspired by this very subject- the autumn leaves that create incredible  patchwork patterns in the trees and hedgerows, threaded through with bead like berries.  I have also been dabbling with watercolours that veer into the textile world using stitches and patching pieces together  to echo the tapestries of the  hedge.    Different surfaces, collage, printmaking, pouring liquid colours. I am loving it all. It sounds a bit random but actually they are all linked by the rich and magical theme of nature and its organic textures and shapes.

Writing has become part of my explorations and I announced my tottering tiny steps into the world of poetry in my last blog- Thank you so much to those of you who sent me such lovely encouraging messages!   I will keep at it and will post another of my efforts soon- if I can only find a pencil and paper amongst all this Autumnal creative chaos!

             Detail-‘ Sloe shadows in the hedge’


        Detail ‘A blustery day in the hedge’

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