So what have I been up to?

I have just handed over the artwork and text for a new book. It has taken ages to put together because for various reasons I  have done a lot of the decision making and  designing myself and it has proved to be a more complicated book than usual ( but in a good way I think)  It is too soon to describe the contents as it takes a year from handing over the paintings and manuscript to it being published. This is largely to allow time for the printing and binding to be done in China and for the shipping……. So there will be no fanfare until next spring but I can assure you I will be shouting out the news nearer the time as this is my baby!

By June I should have the first layout to look through. By the end of the summer all the text will have been edited and I will have added all those bits I forgot to say and rewritten all the bits that made no sense!  I am mentioning it all now because I have been a bit quiet online and I wanted you to know that I have not disappeared! I have in fact been as busy as a bee.

‘Woodland beehive’ will be featured in Ann’s Spring online exhibition beginning in late April 2017.



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