Happy New Year. Happy New News!

Happy New Year everyone.  There is almost a sense of relief to  be saying goodbye to the old year and welcoming the new one in. It is strange how every January it always feels like the chance for a fresh start when in fact every morning is a new beginning.   I have a busy year ahead although a lot of the work will not be evident until next year- which will be really busy! So here is  a bit about some of the things happening:

I am currently working on- A NEW BOOK!  This one will be quite different to most of my other books and I am really excited about it.  Putting a book together takes a loooong tiiiime and is very slooooow.   So I still cannot say too much at this stage as you will get bored  hearing about it !  The images  are mostly finished but I now have the writing to do. Then  the publishers take  a year to put it all together in time for Spring 2018!    The only reason I am telling you this now is  because I have been quiet recently and I don’t want you to think that I have been slacking!

Still in secretive mode-I have another project to work on as soon as my book is handed in that will keep me busy over the summer.

A lot of you have been asking about exhibitions. At the moment I am keeping images back for the book and  some major shows next year. In the meantime there may be an online exhibition in 2017 or a studio exhibition.   I always have work here  though so do email me if you are looking for something and cannot wait that long .

Next: WORKSHOPS!!  I am planning some workshops this spring.  A newsletter will be  sent out SOON with information and a booking form. I’m afraid that places  cannot be reserved in advance as it is an automated booking package. People who have subscribed to the website newsletter will be  given first notice that bookings and information  are  up and running.

That’s all  for now. Happy January!



The first snowdrop has appeared in my garden. A lovely sign to start the new year.




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