November update

Just in case you are thinking that I have gone very quiet I thought I would let you know that I’m beavering away in my studio. I haven’t forgotten you!   I recently had a great photographer visit my studio to  take shots of me working and I have been sorting through these  as well as finishing off  a series of Autumn pieces. I have a  project in hand that  I can’t say too much about yet as it’s such early days but will do so in due course.

The photographer   decided  that the portraits he took of  me  should have a  watercoloury feel, a bit like one of my paintings with washy faded  textured areas contrasting a more sharply focused bit – in other words – me!    I like the way the colours are a bit pastel and ‘vintage’   especially the photo-shopped pink water jar.  Never let it be said that I would ever let my water get so mucky- or that I would use such a ‘pretty ‘ pink!

  I  had been out   the day before  foraging for hedgerow material to  paint from. There were buckets laden with sprays of blackberries, rosehips ,colourful leaves and sloes with lichen encrusted bark .  I find it inspiring to be surrounded by such things even if I am only gathering ideas for colour and texture rather than  creating an actual picture of them.



                  Having fun in my studio



    twig encrusted with silver and gold lichen

  Photographs   copyright Steve Russell studios 2016



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